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No one likes to feel washed out. With the help of a professional tanning salon like Northern Tan, you can give your skin an instant color boost in just a few minutes. We have a passion for helping others feel confident in their own skin, and we believe a flawless tan can help you get you there. You can expect nothing less than friendly and attentive customer service when you choose us for tanning bed services in Princeton, MN.

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Tips for a long-lasting, beautiful tan

Whether it's your first time using a tanning bed or you're a die-hard tanning fanatic, there are a couple things you can do to ensure you get the best possible tan from our tanning beds. Here are our top five tanning tips:


  1. Exfoliate and shave to speed up your tanning time
  2. Remove all jewelry and makeup to ensure an even tan
  3. Use tanning lotion to achieve a deeper tan
  4. Wear protective goggles to keep your eyes safe
  5. Apply tanning moisturizer after your tan to extend your glow

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Intensify your tan

While you don't need any products to tan your skin in our tanning beds, using quality tanning products can enhance your tan dramatically. We offer an array of products, from tanning lotions to tanning moisturizers. With these, you can easily maintain the beauty of your tan and give yourself an even brighter glow.

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